How to Read Fast

What is your reading habit? Style? How fast do you read and at the same time, having good comprehension to grasp the content at just one time reading? Having difficulties in these matters? To know the strategies on how to read fast is very helpful. Technically, we were taught how to read when we were in the school. Is there a difference now than before? If you are a slow reader, it is time to make a goal to read fast. If you are reading 200 words in a minute, make it 300 words in a minute. Do you read a book with 250 pages in a week? Make it in three days. You need speed. Some think that slow reader cannot be a fast reader and you need to have a high IQ to be able to read fast. However, it is not always the case. A slow reader and a person with an average IQ can have the chance to read fast. You can be the fastest reader on the world! We normally put our fingers to point the words when reading. You can use that step to read fast.

In what way? As you know, an article consists of many paragraph. While reading using your hand to pinpoint words, slow down a little bit whenever you encounter the first sentence. For what reason? In order to understand the content because first sentence always contains the main idea in the paragraph. The other sentences are just details. Reading is not just actually speed but also comprehension. Effective reading is measured by speed and comprehension. For effective reading, you do not forget these four strategies. Skimming, quick read. To understand the whole passage at a very quick reading. Scanning, read specific information.  Read specific details such as address, when, how, where, reason, characters and so on. Third is to analyze positive or negative details. Determine the positive detail and negative detail. After, read between the lines. Finally, expand vocabulary. Knowledge on vocabularies will help you to understand the contents easily even in just one time and quick reading.