Why reading is entertaining and at times addicting

I spent my elementary days in joy by playing with my classmates and my sisters who went to the same school with me. we have many kind of games to think and play whenever we finish classes. As there is a way that we should walk going home we play along the way until we get home. When we are given breaks and have more time we can think of short games that we can play together. My elementary days is full of joy and laughter as we do not have much to worry except our grades.

When I started high school I have my nature of playing with me but I was able to control it as our teachers are more strict compared to elementary years. At the middle of my first year in high school, someone introduce to me to try reading short novels. It was my first time but the story of the novel she gave me catch my interests and I started to borrow from her more novels as soon as I finish one. At that time, my love of reading was developed. See this amazing interior designing company. Their services is best, see here 室內設計網站. It is a lot and great company.

My personality also changed as I now prefer reading than playing games outside. Until I went to college and not that busy with major subjects I like reading novels-now thicker ones. When I became busy I stopped and now I have again renewed my passion and love for reading. Even my colleague before in office was influence by me to read.