Why my sister love to watch movies

I prefer reading books than watching movies but my younger sister loves to watch movies. She can watch different genre like action movie, thriller type, drama movie (even the long Korean movies with many episodes) or comedy but not so much in horror movies. She even buys series movies that has seasons and compile them as collections. If she cannot have a copy she borrows with much effort from our cousins who also are addicted to movies. She can sit all day long watching movies and at the end of the day, she is contented.

If she does not have something to watch she can just turn the television and watch anything in it like anime, talk shows or telenovela. She likes more the comedy programs and the game shows they have. As she is flexible in what kind of movie or shows she watches it is easy for her to be contented and enjoy. Even as she grows she is still in love with movies as she can borrow anytime from our cousin movies that she can watch. Our cousin is more addicted than her as she downloads patiently someĀ of movies in the internet and compiles them in CDs.

Then why my sister (and cousin) loves to watch movies? Because they do not need to make a detailed imagination of the scenes and characters as they are already seen and portrayed in the screen. They love how the characters portray with ease their roles and have interaction with other co stars.