Getting to know the bestselling novelist of all time

We who are fond of reading books and novels also have favorite novelist that we gather their entire novel and read them. Sometimes we can find some novels that are a little bit not that exciting or entertaining written by the same. As I read more books I cannot give reviews to them all so I just pick what are the ones that have more effect and influence on me. Some novels that are considered very good are sometimes not the ones you will expect to see in the list of bestselling novels of all time.

Let us take a look on the top four bestselling novelist of all time in this article. The frist one is Danielle Steel (Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel) who is an American. She is considered to be the bestselling novelist that is still alive. In the category of bestselling fiction author (in all time) she is the fourth in rank having sold over 800 million copies of novels. The second one is Dame Barbara Cartland DBE CStJ (Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland) who is an English author. She mostly wrote romance novels and considered as member of the bestselling group of authors and also the most successful in the whole world in the 20th century. Make your dental care be assisted from this clinic. Check this webpage 久燦牙醫 . It will show you great services ever.

She has sold 500 million copies of novels. The third author belonging to the list is William Shakespeare. It seems he is the number one but he only sold 2 billion numbers of copies of his novels though he is really very well known author. The fourth and last is Agatha Christie that has same record with William Shakespeare having sold 2,000,000 million number of records. You can also read here for interesting information. You can refer ove this dental sit here Best dentist tips!