Keep in Touch with Reading

Reading is the most important thing that a person must do in his life. It is said that reading extends the span of life. Life can also be forsaken when the brain does not function well. According to work of researches, the reason why some people reach the age of 90 is that their brain keeps working. Their brain keeps working through reading. That’s why many elders always read because they want to extend the span of their life. Reading becomes a necessity.

How good is it when youths store information in their brain to keep them healthy mentally? Of course, there are times that we lose time to read because of work or anything else important, but it is always important to find time to read. Reading helps us to be healthy and strong physically and mentally. If we do not read, what then will stay in our mind? If we neglect reading, someday we will find out how ignorant we are. This is why we shall keep in touch with reading.

It does not mean that neglect some matters that are important to focus on reading. Many intellectual beings and knowledgeable people developed themselves through the sort of reading. Knowing the world comes from reading. No one can travel and understand the life existence without reading because reading increases our awareness towards the physical world. Reading does not only help us physically but also spiritually. No one claims that he or she is spiritually healthy without reading. Reading is necessary in all paths of life.