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Great Choices: Books Made Into Movies

Reading and watching is two different past times of people. It depends on what they prefer and sometimes based on their personality. Those who want to go out prefer watching as that is the reason they go to the mall. They want to meet with friends or acquaintances and watch together movies and having time […]

Keep in Touch with Reading

Reading is the most important thing that a person must do in his life. It is said that reading extends the span of life. Life can also be forsaken when the brain does not function well. According to work of researches, the reason why some people reach the age of 90 is that their brain […]

Why my sister love to watch movies

I prefer reading books than watching movies but my younger sister loves to watch movies. She can watch different genre like action movie, thriller type, drama movie (even the long Korean movies with many episodes) or comedy but not so much in horror movies. She even buys series movies that has seasons and compile them […]

The Best-Selling Book of all Times

What do you think is the best-selling book throughout generations? The Bible! It is also the most-read Bible of all times! Is it shocking to you knowing that this is the most famous book in the world? What is shocking is that even non-Christians read this book. How amazing it is! Numerous people also boast […]