1.What does read between the lines mean?

Read between the lines means to understand what does the words really mean as its true meaning is not openly explain in those words. You need to know the deeper meaning or the secret hidden behind it.

2.What does read my lips means?

Read my lips means to listen carefully.

3.What does to take something as read means?

To take something as read means to assume something as true without much or further discussing it.

4.What does to read something into means?

To read something into means to put or give meaning or importance that may not be found there.

5. What does to have your nose in a book means?

To have your nose in a book means to study or to read intensely.

6.What are idioms?

It is an expression or group of words that has a particular meaning and cannot be defined by giving the meaning of each word. For example, give way means retreat.

7.What is semantics?

It refers to word relations and logical meaning of the word, phrase, sentence.

8.What is syntax?

Unlike semantics, syntax deals with the structures and arrangements of words in order to construct a meaningful sentence or group of words.

9.What are vocabularies?

These are simply words used in the language.

10.What is metacognition?

Metacognition is to recognize your own self. Your awareness and understanding to your own thoughts and the like. In fact, reading helps you to build high metacognition.